The World's Most Hideous Signs
Written by David Eaves   
Tuesday, 18 August 2009 17:47

Here's a lovely photo to celebrate a Tuseday.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

The photo was above taken in 1989 (20 years ago in case you wondered) and perfectly illustrates the absurdity of apartheid in South Afica, a system that was officially enforced until as recently as 1994 and which in varying forms still exists today in different parts of the world.

Another few examples of signposted racial segregation, this time from the United States...

Image Credit: Library of Congress

Above: An African-American entering a cinema via the 'colored entrance' in Belzoni, Mississippi in 1939.

Image Credit: Library of Congress

Above: 1938, Halifax County Courthouse, North Carolina. A young boy takes a drink at a water fountain for 'colored people'.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Above: 1943, Greyhound bus station, Rome, Georgia. A sign directs non-whites towards a waiting room dedicated to those with certain skin colour.

While we're on the subject of segregation, here's a recent photo of a road sign in Saudi Arabia which attempts to segregate people with certain religious beliefs...

Image Credit: Wikipedia

And finally, another sign from Saudi Arabia which forbids women from even coming in close proximity to the swimming pool in question...

Image Credit: uw-eric

Pretty depressing.

The fact these signs either a) exist now, or b) existed previously, is an indication of just how hideous human beings can be. Let us know of any others.