10 Awesome Credit Card Designs
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012 21:04

The average American carries between three and four credit cards in their wallet. While most of these cards are the standard lender-issued cards with a generic design and the credit card company logo in the corner, more people are realising that something so prevalent in their everyday lives can be used to reflect their personality, just like this selection of ten stylish cards curated by the guys at We Know Money.

Capital One Image Card

Capital One Image Card

Consumers who would like to exercise the freedom to completely personalise their credit cards can opt for a Capital One image card. This card allows the consumer to upload a personal photograph on Capital One's website to be used as the image for the credit card.

Discover Biodegradable Card

Discover Biodegradeable Card

Consumers who are concerned about the environment can opt for a credit card that is biodegradable if they choose to apply for a Discover card.

World of Warcraft Rewards Visa

WOW Card

This card gives consumers the option to trade points in for free subscription time to the World of Warcraft game. The first perk is a free month subscription following the first purchase made with the card.

Hello Kitty Platinum Visa

Hello Kitty Card

Fans of the cartoon kitty can choose a Visa card that carries an exclusive Hello Kitty design. Consumers will also enjoy the WorldPoints® Rewards program that is available to those opting for the card.

Epos International Visa Card

EPOS International Card

Japan-based financial institution Epos International offers a huge variety of images for its Visa credit cards. One of the most popular cards is the chocolate bar card.

Bank of America World Wildlife Fund Card

Bank of America WWF Card

People who care about animals can choose a credit card that features contributions to a charity such as World Wildlife Fund.

My Small Business Visa

My Small Business Card

This card allows small businesses to display their company name and include an image that relates to their business.

American Express Black Card

American Express Centurion Card

The average consumer isn't likely to qualify for this credit card made of solid titanium. One of the least achievable requirements of owning the card is to spend a minimum of $250,000 a year.

Visa Infinite

Visa Infinite Diamond Card

This is another card reserved for elite consumers. The card contains a real diamond and is only available to customers who can prove an annual income of at least $300,000.

Dubai First Royale MasterCard

Dubai First Royale Card

Just in case high-profile spenders don't have enough elite credit card options, this card offers a diamond stud and an unlimited spending limit.