The Most Offensively Decadent Homes in the World
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014 10:46

The people at Ireland based home improvement company Chadwicks have put together a blog post featuring 10 of the most decadent homes in the World. Here are photographs of my favourite 3 homes from the list with a brief description of each one:

1. Antilia, Mumbai

Antilia, Mumbai

Business man Mukesk Ambani owns and lives in this 27 storey ‘home’ in Mumbai. It boasts six underground levels of car parking and three helicopter pads. Well how else will his 600 staff get to work?

2. Kensington Palace Gardens, London

Kensington Palace Gardens, London

Known as Billionaire’s Row, this tree-lined street houses some of the richest houses in the world and Lakshmi Mittal’s home is no exception. It’s playfully called the ‘Taj Mittal’ as Lakshmi imported marble from the same quarry as the Taj Mahal. He can relax in his private Turkish baths or bejewelled swimming pool.

3. Mar-A-Lago mansion, Florida

Mar-A-Lago mansion, Florida

Donald Trump bought this Florida mansion in 1987 for $10 million. Though used to living in luxury he may have found the 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms and the ballroom too much to handle, not to mention 3 bomb shelters. It’s now better suited as private members club.

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