Top 5 Awesomely Bizarre Modern Homes
Written by David Eaves   
Friday, 03 July 2009 21:12

I love looking at really cool properties, here are a few of the most awesomely bizarre designs that I have seen around the web recently including a cube home, one in a forest, a see-through home, one made from containers and bamboo and another that is situated almost on a river.

Cube Home

LV Home

Image credit: Alternative Consumer

The cube shaped eco property pictured above is one of the LV Series designed by Rocio Romero. Because LV properties have deep wall and roof cavities along with rigid and tapered insulation they are highly energy efficient. LV Series properties are pretty affordable and only cost between $20,570 and $46,050, other then that you just need somewhere nice to put one. Get more info at the Rocio Romero website.

Forest Home

Rantilla Residence

 Image credit: WebUrbanist

The Raleigh, North Carolina forest home pictured above is the personal residence of architect Michael Rantilla from the Feelon Group. The white metal deck ceilings are designed to alow the environmental sounds of rainfall and natural daylight to permeat the house. The rest is made from steel, concrete, glass, aluminum, zinc, ipe, maple and bamboo. Get more pics. and info. at Contemporist.

See-Through Home

See Through Home

Image credit: HomeDesignFind

The stunning see-though home pictured above by Hillary Priest Architecture provides spectacular views from the inside out as well as the outside in. As you can see in the picture the pool spans the full length of the property. Think about how nice it would be relaxing in there whilst looking out at the beautiful bay. Get more pics. and info. at Trendir.

Container Home

Bamboo Container Home

Image credit: Inhabitat

The eco-friendly home pictured above from Bamboo Groove Housing, a Costa Rican construction company is made from insulated shipping containers and bamboo and designed for Tropical climates. The property insulates from the heat and provides lots of natural ventilation to keep you cool whilst helping the environment. Get more info. and pics. at Inhabitat.

Water Home

Water Home

Image credit: dornob

The incredible property pictured above called the Hind House sits on the banks of the river Loddon near the village of Wargrave in the UK. As you can see in the pciture when the river banks flood there's no problem, thanks to structural supports the house is held high above the flood plain. It was designed as a one off project by John Pardey Architects, you can find more info. and pics. on their website.