Things You Just Wouldn’t Know if Not for Social Media
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Tuesday, 05 December 2017 14:49

The folks at the social media tool website Jarvis have posted a great article that takes a look at various things that we would not know about if it were not for social media websites. Here are ten of the things mentioned in the blog post for you to check out.

1. Someone you worked with ten years ago is having a baby.

2. Everyone’s feet are having a great holiday.

3. Ninety percent of the population now ‘eats clean’.

4. … and the rest is eating really dirty (but stylishly).

5. A lot of people seem to care more about celebrities when they’re dead than they ever did when they were alive.

6. People are willing to be a lot nastier online than they’d ever dare to be in real life. (Don’t feed the trolls.)

7. That the President of the United States loves exclamation marks (!).

8. All the inspirational quotes. Every single one of them.

9. People get really upset about living in temporarily chaotic conditions because they are having their kitchens, bathrooms or entire houses renovated. Because it’s hard knowing your home is about to look amazing.

10. Someone you went to school with is upset about something, they want everyone to know about it, but they do not want to talk about it. OK, huh?

See the entire article with cool pics @ Jarvis